Man pages for fold
A Self-Describing Dataset Format and Interface

anti_join.foldedAnti-join Folded
anti_join.unfoldedAnti-join Unfolded
arrange.foldedArrange Folded
arrange.unfoldedArrange Unfolded
as.csv.foldedSave Folded Format as CSV
as.foldedCoerce to Folded Format
as.folded.characterCoerce to Folded from Character to Folded from Data Frame
as.folded.definitionsCoerce to Folded from Definitions Coerces to folded from...
as.folded.foldedCoerce to Folded from Folded
as.folded.specCoerce to Folded from Spec Coerces to folded from spec....
distillDistill Something a Data Frame
distill.foldedDistill Folded
eventsAnalysis Dataset of Pharmacological Events
eventsfFolded Analysis Dataset of Selected Pharmacological Events
filter.foldedFilter Folded
filter.unfoldedFilter Unfolded
foldFold an Object a Data Frame
fold.grouped_dfFold grouped_df
foldpkgfold: A Self-Describing Dataset Format and Interface
group_by.foldedGroup Folded
group_by.unfoldedGroup Unfolded
left_join.foldedLeft-join Folded
left_join.unfoldedLeft-join Unfolded
mutate.foldedMutate Folded
mutate.unfoldedMutate Unfolded
obj_attrInfer Object-Attribute Relationships
obj_attr.characterInfer Object Attribute Relationships from Character Object Attribute Relationships from Data Frame
print.foldedPrint Folded
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
select.foldedSelect Folded
select.unfoldedSelect Unfolded
semi_join.foldedSemi-join Folded
semi_join.unfoldedSemi-join Unfolded
simplifySimplify Something
simplify.foldedSimplify Folded
sort.foldedSort Folded
transmutate.foldedTransmutate Folded
transmutate.unfoldedTransmutate Unfolded
unfoldUnfold an Object
unfold.foldedUnfold a Folded Data.frame
ungroup.foldedUngroup Folded
ungroup.unfoldedUngroup Unfolded
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