foodweb-package: Visualisation and Analysis of Food Web Networks

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Calculates twelve commonly-used, basic measures of food web network structure from binary, predator-prey matrices: species richness, connectance, total number of links, link density, number of trophic positions, predator:prey ratio, and fraction of cannibals, herbivores, top species and intermediate species. Employs food web language in the code and output, translates between a couple of common food web formats, can handle food webs consisting of multiple levels, and can automate the analysis for a large number of webs. The program produces 3-dimensional graphs of high quality that can be customized by the user.


Package: foodweb
Version: 1-0
Depends: rgl
License: GPL (>= 2)
Collate: "functions.R" "Asym to Sym.R" "Calculations.R" "Network plot.R"

The package's contains 5 functions: analyse.single, analise.list, analyse.seq, mat.2.list and plotweb. See their helpfiles for more information on how to use them.


Giselle Perdomo

Maintainer: Giselle Perdomo <[email protected]>


Perdomo G., Sunnucks P. and Thompson R.M. (submitted). food web: an open-source program for the visualisation and analysis of compilations of complex food webs. Environmental Modelling and Software.

See Also

analyse.single analyse.list analyse.seq plotweb mat.2.list

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