Man pages for foolbox
Function Manipulation Toolbox

add_call_callbackAdd a function-specific callback to the call callbacks.
add_topdown_callbackAdd a function-specific callback to the top-down callbacks.
annotate_assigned_symbols_callbacksPut attribute "assigned_symbols" on expressions bottom-up
annotate_bound_symbols_in_functionAnnotate sub-expressions with variables bound in their scope.
annotate_bound_variables_callbacksPropagate parameters and local variables top-down to assign...
collect_asigned_symbols_in_expressionExtracts all the symbols that appear on the left-hand side of...
collect_from_argsCollect attributes set in the arguments to a call expression.
depth_first_analyse_exprAnalyse an expression.
depth_first_analyse_functionAnalyse the body of function.
depth_first_rewrite_exprTransform an expression.
depth_first_rewrite_functionTransform the body of function.
identity_rewrite_callbackA callback that does not do any transformation.
less-than-.foolbox_pipeThis operator is used together with 'rewrites' to transform a...
make_with_callbackCreate a function for setting callbacks.
merge_bottomupMerge the results of several bottomup results.
nop_topdown_callbackTop-down analysis callback.
pipePipe operator
remove_formalRemove a parameter from the formal parameters of a function.
remove_formal_Remove a parameter from the formal parameters of a function.
rewrite_callbacksDefault expression-transformation callbacks.
rewritesObject for setting up a transformation pipeline when defining...
rewrite_withFunctions for applying a sequence of rewrites.
sub-.foolbox_rewrite_specProvide list of rewrite transformations.
warning_flagsCollection of warning flags used when traversing expressions.
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