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Convenient Functions for Ensemble Time Series Forecasts

accuracy.cvtsAccuracy measures for cross-validated time series
accuracy.hybridModelAccuracy measures for hybridModel objects
checkModelArgsHelper function to test all the model arguments (e.g. a.args,...
checkParallelArgumentsHelper function to check the that the parallel arguments are...
cvtsCross validation for time series
extractForecastsExtract cross validated rolling forecasts
fitted.hybridModelExtract Model Fitted Values
forecast.hybridModelHybrid forecast
forecast.thetamForecast using a Theta model
getModelReturn a forecast model function for a given model character
getModelNameTranslate character to model name
hybridModelHybrid time series modeling
is.hybridModelTest if the object is a hybridModel object
plot.hybridModelPlot a hybridModel object
plot.thetamPlot components from Theta model
prepareTimeseriesHelper function to validate and clean the input time series
print.hybridModelPrint information about the hybridModel object
removeModelsHelper function to remove models that require more data
residuals.hybridModelExtract Model Residuals
summary.hybridModelPrint a summary of the hybridModel object
thetamTheta method 'model'
thiefModelForecast ensemble using THieF
tsCombineCombine multiple sequential time series
tsPartitionGenerate training and test indices for time series cross...
tsSubsetWithIndicesSubset time series with provided indices
unwrapParallelModelsHelper function used to unpack the fitted model objects from...
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