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Aggregate/conditional graphs and automatic layout using formulas


fplot provides automatic plotting of common graphs (distributions, lines, bar plots and boxplots). The syntax uses formulas, allowing aggregate/conditional/weighted graphs with minimum efforts. The many arguments are automatically adjusted to the data in order to provide the nicest and most meaningful graphs.


The core functions is plot_distr to draw distributions. Two other graphical functions are provided for convenience: plot_lines to represent the (usually temporal) evolution of some variables, and plot_box to easily represent conditional boxplots.

It also integrates tools to easily export graphs: pdf_fit and png_fit. In these functions, instead of providing the size of the graphics, you instead give the point size that the text should have in the final document–because an exported graph usually ends up in a document. You can set the size of your document with the function setFplot_page. If you use the function fit.off to close the connection, you will also see how the export looks like in the Viewer pane.


Maintainer: Laurent Berge laurent.berge@u-bordeaux.fr

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