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Data for "Forecasting: principles and practice"

a10Monthly anti-diabetic drug sales in Australia from 1992 to...
ausairAir Transport Passengers Australia
ausbeerQuarterly Australian Beer production
austaInternational vistors to Australia
austouristsInternational Tourists to Australia: Total visitor nights.
cafeQuarterly expenditure on eating out in Australia
creditCredit ratings on personal loans from an Australian bank.
debitcardsRetail debit card usage in Iceland.
departuresTotal monthly departures from Australia
elecequipElectrical equipment manufactured in the Euro area.
elecsalesElectricity sales to residential customers in South...
euretailQuarterly retail trade: Euro area.
fpp-packageData for "Forecasting: principles and practice"
fuelFuel economy data on 2009 vehicles in the US.
guineariceRice production (Guinea)
h02Monthly cortecosteroid drug sales in Australia from 1992 to...
insuranceInsurance quotations and advertising expenditure.
livestockLivestock (sheep) in Asia, 1961-2007.
melsydTotal weekly air passenger numbers on Ansett airline flights...
oilAnnual oil production in Saudi Arabia
sunspotareaAnnual average sunspot area (1875-2011)
usconsumptionGrowth rates of personal consumption and personal income in...
usnetelecElectricity monthly total net generation. January...
vnQuarterly visitor nights for various regions of Australia.
wmurdersMonthly female murder rate (per 100,000 standard population)...
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