Man pages for fractal
A Fractal Time Series Modeling and Analysis Package

beamchaosChaotic beam data
chaoticInvariantClass for chaotic invariant objects
corrDimCorrelation dimension
determinismDetecting determinism in a time series
DFADetrended fluctuation analysis
dispersionDispersion analysis
ecgrrElectrocardiogram R-R Interval Data
eda.plotGeneric function for generating extended data analysis plots
eegdukeElectroencephalogram Recordings of a Seizure
embedSeriesCreates a delay embedding of a single variable time series
FDSimulateSimulation of an FD process with time varying model...
FDWhittleEstimate the Hurst coefficient by Whittle's method
findNeighborsNearest neighbor search in a multidimensional space
FNNEstimation of the proper embedding dimension for a...
FNSEstimation of the proper embedding dimension for a...
fractalBlockClass constructor for block-dependent estimators for...
HDEstHurvich-Deo estimate of number of frequencies to use in a...
henonHenon map
hurstACVFEstimate the Hurst coefficient by regression of scaled asinh...
hurstBlockHurst coefficient estimation in the time domain
hurstSpecHurst coefficient estimation via spectral regression
infoDimInformation dimension
KDENonparametric multidimensional probability density function...
lmACFACF, PACF, and ACVF for various stochastic fractal time...
lmConfidenceConfidence intervals for unknown mean
lmConvertStochastic fractal exponent conversion
lmModelConstructor function for objects of class "lmModel"
lmSDFSDF for various stochastic fractal time series models
lmSimulateStochastic fractal time series simulation
localProjectionTime series denoising via a local projection filtering...
lorenzChaotic response of the Lorenz system
lorenz.odeLorenz system ODEs
lyapunovLocal-Global Lyapunov Spectrum Estimation
medianFilterMedian filtering of a time series
pd5siGait stride intervals for a patient with Parkinson's Disease
poincareMapCreate a Poincare map
RoverSEstimate the Hurst coefficient by rescaled range (R/S) method
spaceTimeSpace time separation plot
stationarityTesting for stationarity in a time series
surrogateSurrogate data generation
timeLagEstimate the proper time lag for single variable delay...
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