Man pages for frair
Tools for Functional Response Analysis

bythotrephesBythotrephes Functional Response Data
drawpolyDraw polygons
frair_bootBootstrap a predator-prey functional response.
frair_boot_methodsfrair methods
frair_compareTest the difference between two functional response fits
frair-deprecatedDeprecated Functional Response Models
frair_fitFit predator-prey functional responses.
frair_fit_methodsfrair methods
frair-packageFunctional Response Analysis in R
frair_responsesFRAIR responses
frair_testTest for evidence of type-II or type-III functional responses
fr_emdIIEMD Type II Response
fr_flexpScaling Exponent Response, assuming replacement
fr_flexpnrScaling Exponent Response, not assuming replacement
fr_hassIIIHassell's Type III Response
fr_hassIIInrHassell's Type III Response, without replacement
fr_hollingsIIHolling's Original Type II Response
fr_rogersIIRogers' Type II Response
fr_typeIType I Response
gammarusGammarus Functional Response Data
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