Man pages for freegroup
The Free Group

abcCreate an alphabetical free group element
abelianizeAbelianization of free group elements
absAbsolute value of a 'free' object
alphaSingle-symbol words
backwardsWrite free objects backwards
cConcatenation of free objects
char_to_freeConvert character vectors to free objects
cumsumCumulative sum
cycredCyclic reductions of a word
ExtractExtract or replace parts of a free group object
freeObjects of class 'free'
freegroup-packageThe Free Group
getletGet letters of a freegroup object
identityThe identity element
keepKeep or drop symbols
Ops.freeArithmetic Ops methods for the free group
printPrint free objects
reduceReduction of a word to reduced form
rfreeRandom free objects
sizeBignesses of a free object
subsSubstitute and invert symbols
sumRepeated summation by concatenation
tietzeTietze form for free group objects
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