Man pages for freeknotsplines
Algorithms for Implementing Free-Knot Splines

chgbasismatCompute Change-of-Basis Matrix to Convert Truncated Power...
coef.freektCompute Coefficients of B-Splines For Free-Knot Splines
fitcriteriaFit Criteria for Free-Knot Splines a Search on the Number of Knots and Fit Free-Knot...
fitted.freektCompute Fitted Values For Free-Knot Spline
freeknotfitFit Free-Knot Splines To Data
freeknotsplinesFree-Knot Splines
plot.freektPlot Fitted Values for Free-Knot Spline
residuals.freektCompute Residuals For Free-Knot Spline
summary.freektSummarize Free-Knot Spline Fit
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