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Create Custom 'Bootstrap' Themes to Use in 'Shiny'

adminlte_colorAdminLTE CSS colors variables
adminlte_globalAdminLTE CSS global variables
adminlte_sidebarAdminLTE CSS sidebar variables
bs_vars_alertBootstrap CSS alert variables
bs_vars_badgeBootstrap CSS badge variables
bs_vars_buttonBootstrap CSS button variables
bs_vars_colorBootstrap CSS colors variables
bs_vars_dropdownBootstrap CSS dropdown variables
bs_vars_fontBootstrap CSS font variables
bs_vars_globalBootstrap CSS global variables
bs_vars_inputBootstrap CSS input variables
bs_vars_modalBootstrap CSS modal variables
bs_vars_navBootstrap CSS nav variables
bs_vars_navbarBootstrap CSS navbar variables
bs_vars_panelBootstrap CSS panel variables
bs_vars_pillsBootstrap CSS pills variables
bs_vars_progressBootstrap CSS progress variables
bs_vars_stateBootstrap CSS states variables
bs_vars_tabsBootstrap CSS tabs variables
bs_vars_wellsBootstrap CSS wells variables
create_prettyCreate a custom CSS file for pretty-checkbox
create_themeCreate a custom Bootstrap theme
freshFresh 'Shiny' Themes
use_googlefontUse online Google font in Shiny application
use_prettyUse pretty-checkbox CSS in Shiny
use_themeUse a CSS theme in Shiny application
use_vars_templateUse a template to define SCSS variables
vars_fileSCSS variables from a file
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