Man pages for fritools
Utilities for the Forest Research Institute of the State Baden-Wuerttemberg

call_conditionallyCall a Function Conditionally
call_safeCall a Function Given an External Dependency on Non-Windows...
compare_vectorsCompare Two Vectors
find_filesFind Files on Disk
fritools-packageUtilities for the Forest Research Institute of the State...
get_boolean_envvarGet a Boolean Environment Variable
get_optionsGet Options For Packages
get_package_versionQuery Installed Package Version
get_r_cmd_batch_script_pathGet the Path of the R Code File in Case of an R CMD BATCH Run
get_rscript_script_pathGet the Path of the R Code File in Case of an Rscript Run
get_run_r_testsGet System Variable RUN_R_TESTS
get_script_nameGet the Name of the R Code File or set it to 'default'
get_script_pathGet the Path of the R Code File
get_unique_stringCreate a Fairly Unique String
golden_ratioCalculate the Golden Ratio
index_groupsDetermine Indices and Sizes of Subsets
is_batchIs R Run in Batch Mode (via R CMD BATCH or Rscript)?
is_falseProvide 'isFALSE' for R < 3.5.0
is_forceOpt-out Via Option
is_installedIs an External Program Installed
is_not_falseTest if an Object is Not _FALSE_
is_null_or_trueIs an Object _TRUE_ or _NULL_
is_of_length_zeroIs an Object of Length Zero?
is_r_cmd_checkIs the Current R Process an 'R CMD check'?
is_r_package_installedIs an R Package Installed
is_running_on_fvafrcu_machinesIs the Machine Running the Current R Process Owned by...
is_running_on_gitlab_comIs the Current Machine Owned by <URL:...
is_version_sufficientIs a Version Requirement Met?
is_windowsIs the System Running a Windows Machine?
load_internal_functionsLoad a Package's Internals
memory_hogsFind Memory Hogs
pathsSet or Get the 'path' Attribute to or from an Object
r_cmd_installInstall a Tarball or a Directory
run_r_tests_for_known_hostsEnforce the Environment Variable RUN_R_TESTS to TRUE on Known...
search_filesSearch Files for a Pattern
set_optionsSet Options For Packages
set_run_r_testsSet System Variable RUN_R_TESTS
split_code_fileSplit a Code File Into Multiple Files Each Containing a...
strip_off_attributesStrip Attributes off an Object
subset_sizesDetermine Subset Sizes Close to Equality
summary.filesearchSummarize File Searches
tapplyApply a Function Over a Ragged Array
throwThrow a Condition
touchMock the Unix 'touch' utility
weighted_varianceCalculate a Weighted Variance
wipe_cleanRemove All Objects From an Environment
with_dirExecute Code in a Temporary Working Directory
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