Man pages for funModeling
Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Preparation Tool-Box Book

auto_groupingReduce cardinality in categorical variable by automatic...
categ_analysisProfiling analysis of categorical vs. target variable
compare_dfCompare two data frames by keys
concatenate_n_varsConcatenate 'N' variables
convert_df_to_categoricConvert every column in a data frame to character
coord_plotCoordinate plot
correlation_tableGet correlation against target variable
cross_plotCross-plotting input variable vs. target variable
data_countryPeople with flu data
data_golfPlay golf
desc_groupsProfiling categorical variable
desc_groups_rankProfiling categorical variable (rank)
df_statusGet a summary for the given data frame (o vector).
discretize_dfDiscretize a data frame
discretize_get_binsGet the data frame thresholds for discretization
discretize_rgrVariable discretization by gain ratio maximization
dist2dDistance from specific point to line
entropy_2Computes the entropy between two variables
equal_freqEqual frequency binning
errorsCalculate Errors
export_plotExport plot to jpeg file
fibonacciFibonacci series
freqFrequency table for categorical variables
funModeling-packagefunModeling: Exploratory data analysis, data preparation and...
gain_liftGenerates lift and cumulative gain performance table and plot
gain_ratioGain ratio
get_sampleSampling training and test data
gg_colour_customsCustom colours to use in ggplot as scale_color_manual
gg_fill_customsCustom colours to use in ggplot as scale_fill_manual
gg_text_customsCustom colours to use in ggplot as scale_color_manual on...
hampel_outlierHampel Outlier Threshold
heart_diseaseHeart Disease Data
infor_magicComputes several information theory metrics between two...
information_gainInformation gain
lares_palPersonal Colours Palette
maeMean Absolute Error (MAE)
mapeMean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE)
mplot_cutsCuts by quantiles for score plot
mplot_cuts_errorCuts by quantiles on absolut and percentual errors plot
mplot_densityDensity plot for discrete and continuous values
mplot_fullMPLOTS Score Full Report Plots
mplot_linealLinear Regression Results Plot
mplot_metricsAUC and LogLoss Plots
mplot_rocROC Curve Plot
mplot_splitsSplit and compare quantiles plot
mseMean Squared Error (MSE)
plotarCorrelation plots
plot_numPlotting numerical data
plot_palettePlot Palette Colours
prep_outliersOutliers Data Preparation
profiling_numProfiling numerical data
range01Transform a variable into the [0-1] range
rmseRoot Mean Squared Error (RMSE)
rsqR Squared
rsqaAdjusted R Squared
scale_x_commaAxis scales format
theme_laresTheme for ggplot2
theme_lares2lares Theme for ggplot2
tukey_outlierTukey Outlier Threshold
var_rank_infoImportance variable ranking based on information theory
v_compareCompare two vectors
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