Man pages for fundiversity
Easy Computation of Functional Diversity Indices

fd_fdisCompute Functional Dispersion (FDis)
fd_fdivCompute Functional Divergence (FDiv)
fd_feveCompute Functional Evenness (FEve)
fd_fricCompute Functional Richness (FRic)
fd_fric_intersectIntersection between convex hulls of pairs of sites
fd_raoqCompute Rao's entropy index (Rao's Q)
fundiversity-packagefundiversity: Easy Computation of Functional Diversity...
site_sp_birdsSite-species matrix of birds along a Tropical Gradient
site_sp_plantsSite-species matrix of plants along a Tropical Gradient
traits_birdsFunctional Traits of Frugivorous Birds along a Tropical...
traits_plantsFunctional Traits of Fleshy-fruit plants along a Tropical...
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