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Functional Principal Component Analysis


Performs functional principal component analysis using the mixed models representation of smoothing splines.


Package: fpcamm
Version: 1.0
Date: 2023-06-08
Depends: Brobdingnag, MASS, nlme


funpca                    Performs FPCA using the MM representation of
                          penalized splines.
plot.funpca   	          Plots fitted curves: overall trend, subj spec
                          deviations and derivative of the mean curve.
summary.funpca            Summary of individual fits.

The function funpca() is used to fit the model. Using the resulting funpca object, fitted curves or their derivatives can be plotted with plot and summary information on the fit can be printed using summary.


Francisco Rosales Maintainer: Francisco Rosales


Rosales, F.
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