Man pages for fuzzyforest
Fuzzy Forests

ctgCardiotocography Data Set
example_ffFuzzy Forest Example
ffFuzzy forests algorithm
ff.formulaFuzzy forests algorithm
fuzzyforestfuzzyforest: an implementation of the fuzzy forest algorithm...
fuzzy_forestFuzzy Forest Object
iterative_RFFits iterative random forest algorithm.
Liver_ExprLiver Expression Data from Female Mice
modplotPlots relative importance of modules.
multi_class_lrMultinomial Logistic Regression
predict.fuzzy_forestPredict method for fuzzy_forest object. Obtains predictions...
print.fuzzy_forestPrint fuzzy_forest object. Prints output from fuzzy forests...
screen_controlSet Parameters for Screening Step of Fuzzy Forests
select_controlSet Parameters for Selection Step of Fuzzy Forests
select_RFCarries out the selection step of fuzzyforest algorithm.
wffWGCNA based fuzzy forest algorithm
wff.formulaWGCNA based fuzzy forest algorithm
WGCNA_controlSet Parameters for WGCNA Step of Fuzzy Forests
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