Man pages for gRapHD
Efficient Selection of Undirected Graphical Models for High-Dimensional Datasets

adjMatAdjacency matrix
calcStatPairwise weights
ccoeffClustering coefficient
chStatInternal use
CI.testTest of conditional independence
convDataConverts dataset
DFSDepth-first search
dsContTest dataset
dsDiscrTest dataset
dsMixedTest dataset
findEdFinds add-eligible edges
fitLog-likelihood, AIC, BIC
gRapHDThe gRapHD package
gRapHD-classClass "gRapHD"
jTreeJunction tree
MCSMaximum cardinality search
minForestMinimum forest
modelDimModel's dimension
modelFormulaModel's formula
neighbourhoodNeighbourhood of a vertex
neighboursFinds all direct neighbours
perfSetsFinds a perfect sequence
plot.gRapHDPlots a gRapHD object
randTreeRandom tree
rowProdsRow products
shortPathShortest path
sortMatSort matrix
stepbStepwise backward selection
stepwStepwise forward selection
SubGraphGenerates a subgraph
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