wqs_data: Exposure concentrations of 34 PCB (simulated dataset)

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We created the 'wqs_data' dataset to show how to use this function. These data reflect 34 exposure concentrations simulated from a distribution of PCB exposures measured in subjects participating in the NHANES study (2001-2002). Additionally, an end-point meaure, simulated from a distribution of leukocyte telomere length (LTL), a biomarker of chronic disease, is provided as well (variable name: y), as well as simulated covariates, e.g. sex, and a dichotomous outcome variable (variable name: disease_state). This dataset can thus be used to test the 'gWQS' package by analyzing the mixed effect of the 34 simulated PCBs on the continuous or binary outcomes, with adjustments for covariates.




A data frame with 500 rows and 37 variables



continuous outcome, biomarker of chronic disease


dichotomous outcome, state of disease


covariate, gender of the subject


34 exposure concentrations of PCB exposures


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