vza_mean_and_var_rasters: calculate a raster of mean and variance of expected tissue...

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This is a rewrite of the function raster.conversion from the Vander Zanden appendix. They expressed things in terms of the standard deviations, but they need to be turned into variances, anyway, so that is what we've done here. Following the notation of the paper on Wilson's warbler, this function computes $tildeT^(mu)$ (returned as list component mean.raster) and $R^(sigma^2)$ (returned as list component var.raster)


vza_mean_and_var_rasters(iso_raster, si)



the raster of isotope precipitation values, for example, like that produced by isomap2raster.


slopes and intercepts from the resampled regressions. This is a data frame with columns named "slopes" and "intercepts" like that returned by vza_rescale

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