Man pages for ganGenerativeData
Generate Generative Data for a Data Source

dsActivateColumnsActivate columns
dsCreateWithDataFrameCreate a data source with passed data frame
dsDeactivateColumnsDeactivate columns
dsGetActiveColumnNamesGet active column names
dsGetInactiveColumnNamesGet inactive column names
dsGetNumberOfRowsGet number of rows
dsGetRowGet a row in a data source
dsReadRead a data source from file
dsWriteWrite a data source to file
ganGenerativeData-packageGenerate generative data for a data source
gdCalculateDensityValueCalculate density value for a data record
gdCalculateDensityValueQuantileCalculate density value quantile
gdCalculateDensityValuesCalculate density values for generative data
gdCompleteComplete incomplete data record
gdGenerateGenerate generative data for a data source
gdGetNumberOfRowsGet number of rows
gdGetRowGet a row in generative data
gdKNearestNeighborsSearch for k nearest neighbors
gdPlot2dProjectionCreate an image file for generative data and data source
gdPlotDataSourceParametersSpecify plot parameters for data source
gdPlotParametersSpecify plot parameters for generative data
gdReadRead generative data and data source
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