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Utilities for Working with Google APIs

AuthState-classAuthorization state
bulletizeAbbreviate a bullet list neatly
credentials_app_defaultLoad Application Default Credentials
credentials_byo_oauth2Load a user-provided token
credentials_external_accountGet a token for an external account
credentials_gceGet a token for Google Compute Engine
credentials_service_accountLoad a service account token
credentials_user_oauth2Get an OAuth token for a user
cred_funsCredential function registry
field_maskGenerate a field mask
gargle2.0_tokenGenerate a gargle token
gargle_api_keyAPI key for demonstration purposes
gargle_appOAuth app for demonstration purposes
Gargle-classOAuth2 token objects specific to Google APIs
gargle_map_cliMap a cli-styled template over an object
gargle_oauth_sitrepOAuth token situation report
gargle_optionsOptions consulted by gargle
gargle-packagegargle: Utilities for Working with Google APIs
GceTokenToken for use on Google Compute Engine instances
init_AuthStateCreate an AuthState
internal-assetsAssets for internal use
oauth_app_from_jsonCreate an OAuth app from JSON
oauth_external_tokenGenerate OAuth token for an external account.
request_developBuild a Google API request
request_makeMake a Google API request
request_retryMake a Google API request, repeatedly
response_processProcess a Google API response
token_fetchFetch a token for the given scopes
token-infoGet info from a token
WifTokenToken for use with workload identity federation
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