Man pages for garray
Generalized Array Arithmetic for Ragged Arrays with Named Margins

abindCombine generalized arrays
amapMapping matching dimension of arrays with a function
amultGeneralized array multiplication.
aperm.garrayGeneral array transposition
areduceGeneralized and smart apply()/Reduce()/tapply() for data... to a Data Frame
awipeGeneralized array's sweep() for data cleaning.
dim.garrayDimensions of a generalized array
garrayGeneralized and smart array
garray-packagegarray: Generalized Array Arithmetic for Ragged Arrays with...
grapes-plus-grapesFunction composition operator
marginsThe margins and dimensions of a generalized array object
print.garrayPrint Values
psummaryParallel summary, inspired by pmax() and pmin().
read.ctableRead a complex table and return array in basic storagemode.
sdimSubdimensions of an array
sub-.garrayIndexing for the garray class
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