Man pages for gastempt
Analyzing Gastric Emptying from MRI or Scintigraphy

coef.nlme_gastemptExtract coefficients from nlme_gastempt result
coef.stan_gastemptExtract coefficients from stan_gastempt result
gastemptfuncFunctions for gastric emptying analysis
nlme_gastemptSimplified population fit of gastric emptying data
plot.nlme_gastemptPlot data points and fit curve of an nlme_gastempt fit
plot.stan_gastemptPlot data points and fit curve of an stan_gastempt fit
run_shinyRun shiny app demonstrating fit strategies with simulated...
simulate_gastemptSimulate gastric emptying data following a linexp or powexp...
stan_gastemptFit gastric emptying curves with Stan
stan_model_namesNames and descriptions of precompiled Stan models
t50Compute half-emptying time from nlme parameters
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