Man pages for gcite
Google Citation Parser

author_cloudMake Wordcloud of authors from Papers
gciteGoogle Citations Information
gcite_author_infoGetting User Information from name
gcite_citation_indexParse Google Citation Index
gcite_citation_pageParse Google Citation Index
gcite_cite_over_timeParse Google Citations Over Time
gcite_graphParse Google Citation Graph
gcite_main_graphParse Google Citation Graph
gcite_paper_dfGet Paper Data Frame from Title URLs
gcite_papersParse Google Citation Index
gcite_stopwordsGoogle Cite Stopwords
gcite_urlGoogle Citations URL
gcite_user_infoGetting User Information of papers
gcite_usernameGoogle Citation Username Searcher
gcite_wordcloudWordcloud of Google Citations Information
gcite_wordcloud_specgcite Wordcloud default
is_travisCheck if on Travis CI
set_cookies_txtSet Cookies from Text file
title_cloudMake Wordcloud of Titles from Papers
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