Man pages for gclus
Clustering Graphics

acClustering coefficients from package cluster.
bankSwiss bank notes data
bodyExploring Relationships in Body Dimensions
colpairsApplies a function to all pairs of columns
cpairsEnhanced scatterplot matrix
cparcoordEnhanced parallel coordinate plot
diameterCluster heterogeneity of 2-d data
dmat.colorColors a symmetric matrix
hclustReorders object order of hclust, keeping objects within a...
orderOrders objects using hierarchical clustering
order.clustersOrders clustered objects using hierarchical clustering
ozoneOzone data from Breiman and Friedman, 1985
partition.critCombines the results of appplying an index to each group of...
pclenProfile smoothness measures
plotcolorsPlots a matrix of colors
utilitiesVarious utility functions
wineWine recognition data
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