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Consensus Value Constructor

comparison.gconsensusObtains a set of generalized consensus estimates by different...
doe.gconsensusObtains the unilateral degrees of equivalence out of a...
gconsensusGeneralized Consensus Contructor
gconsensus-packageConsensus Value Constructor
plot.comparisonPlot a gconsensus comparison object
plot.doePlot a "degrees of equivalence" object
plot.gconsensusPlot a gconsensus object
print.comparisonPrints a Comparison Object.
print.doePrints a Doe Object.
print.gconsensusPrints a gconsensus object
toString.comparisonBuilds a detailed description string of the comparison...
toString.doeBuilds a detailed description string of the doe object.
toString.gconsensusBuilds a detailed description string of the gconsenus object.
vr.mleFinds the maximum likelihood estimate solution described by...
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