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Data for "R Graphics Cookbook"

aaplApple stock data
anthomingHoming in desert ants
cabbage_expSummary of cabbages data set
climateGlobal climate temperature anomaly data from 1800 to 2011
corneasCorneal thickness of eyes
countriesHealth and economic data about countries around the world...
drunkConvictions for drunkenness
gcookbookgcookbook: Data sets for "R Graphics Cookbook"
heightweightHeight and weight of schoolchildren
isabelData from simulation of hurricane Isabel
madmenSuccessful sexual relations in Mad Men (TV show)
madmen2Attempted sexual relations in Mad Men (TV show)
marathonMarathon and half-marathon times
pg_meanMeans of results from an experiment on plant growth
plumPlum root cuttings (long format)
plum_widePlum root cuttings (wide format)
simpledatSimple example data set
simpledat_longSimple example data set (long format)
tgSummarized ToothGrowth data
tophitters2001Batting averages of the top hitters in Major League Baseball...
uspopageAge distribution of population in the United States,...
uspopchangeChange in population of states in the U.S. between 2000 and...
windWind speed and direction
worldpopWorld population estimates from 10,000 B.C. to 2,000 A.D.
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