Man pages for gdata
Various R Programming Tools for Data Manipulation

ansValue of Last Evaluated Expression
ArgsDescribe Function Arguments
bindDataBind two data frames into a multivariate data frame
caseMap elements of a vector according to the provided 'cases'
cbindXColumn-bind objects with different number of rows
centerTextCenter Text Strings
combineCombine R Objects With a Column Labeling the Source
ConvertMedUnitsConvert medical measurements between International Standard...
drop.levelsDrop unused factor levels
duplicated2Determine Duplicate Elements
elemDisplay Information about Elements in a Given Object
envDescribe All Loaded Environments
firstReturn first or last element of an object
frameApplySubset analysis on data frames
gdata-defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'gdata'
gdata-packageVarious R programming tools for data manipulation
getDateTimePartGet date/time parts from date and time objects
humanReadablePrint Byte Size in Human Readable Format
installXLSXsupportInstall perl modules needed for read.xls to support Excel...
interleaveInterleave Rows of Data Frames or Matrices
is.whatRun Multiple is.* Tests on a Given Object
keepRemove All Objects, Except Those Specified
leftReturn the leftmost or rightmost columns of a matrix or...
llDescribe Objects or Elements
ls.funsList function objects
mapLevelsMapping levels
matchcolsSelect columns names matching certain critera
MedUnitsTable of conversions between Intertional Standard (SI) and US...
mvRename an Object
nobsCompute the Number of Non-missing Observations
nPairsNumber of variable pairs
object.sizeReport the Space Allocated for Objects
read.xlsRead Excel files
rename.varsRemove or rename variables in a dataframe
reorderReorder the Levels of a Factor
resampleConsistent Random Samples and Permutations
sheetCountCount or list sheet names in Excel spreadsheet files.
startsWithDetermine if a character string "starts with" with the...
trimRemove leading and trailing spaces from character strings
trimSumTrim a vector such that the last/first value represents the...
unknownChange unknown values to NA and vice versa
unmatrixConvert a matrix into a vector, with appropriate names
update.listUpdate the elements of a list
upperTriangleExtract or replace the upper/lower triangular portion of a...
wideByFactorCreate multivariate data by a given factor
write.fwfWrite object in fixed width format
xlsFormatsCheck which file formats are supported by read.xls
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