Man pages for gdistance
Distances and Routes on Geographical Grids

accCostAccumulated Cost Surface
adjacencyAdjacent cells
Arith-methodsArithmetic and mathematical operations with objects of...
commuteDistanceCommute-time distance
CoordsCoords class
costDistanceCost distance (least-cost distance)
gdistance-packagegdistance: geographic distance calculations
genDistGenetic distances and coordinates of haplogroup R1b1b2...
geoCorrectionGeographic Correction
overlapOverlap and nonoverlap of trajectories
pathIncIncidence of paths from a common origin: overlap and...
probPassageProbability of passage
rasterFromTransitionRasterLayer from TransitionLayer object
rSPDistanceRandomized shortest path distance
shortestPathShortest path
summary-methodsSummary methods
sumTReciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of conductance...
transitionCreate an object of the class Transition
Transition-classTransition* classes
Transition-extract-replaceExtracting and replacing: class Transition
Transition-slotsExtract or change elements of Transition* objects
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