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Geostatistical Analysis in R

angle2dDetermine angle
cmod.manStandard covariance models for geostatistical data.
cmod.stdStandard covariance models for geostatistical data.
coGeochemical measurements for 960 sites in Colorado.
decomp.covDecompose covariance matrix
eval.cmodEvaluate covariance or semivariance model.
geolmLinear model for geostatistical data.
mleFinds maximum likelihood estimates of model parameters for a...
omni_semivariogramdetermine omnidireciton semivariogram based on based on...
plot.vgramPlot vgram object
predict.geolmManPredict method for geostatistical models
predict.geolmStdPredict method for geostatistical models
updateUpdate linear model for geostatistical data.
vgramSample semivariogram
vgram_check_argsCheck arguments of vgram
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