Man pages for gee4
Generalised Estimating Equations (GEE/WGEE) using 'Armadillo' and S4

aidsAids Data
bootcurvePlot Fitted Curves and Corresponding Confidence Interval...
CalculateIPWcumprobCalculate the Cumulative Remaining Probabilities in Inverse...
CalculateIPWprobCalculate the Remaining Probabilities in Inverse Probability...
cattleCattle Data
fittedcurvePlot Fitted Curves for One or More geerMod Objects
geerFit GEE-MCD and WGEE-MCD models
geerControlControl of GEE-MCD/WGEE-MCD Model Fitting
geerMod-classClass "geerMod" of Fitted GEE-MCD/WGEE-MCD Models.
gees_estimationFit (Weighted) Generalized Estimating Equations based on MCD
GenerateCattleMARGenerate Cattle B Data with Pre-specified Dropout Rate
getGEERExtract or Get Generalized Components from a Fitted...
ipw_estimationFit Inverse Probability Weights Model
modularModular Functions for GEE-MCD and WGEE-MCD Fits
panssPANSS Data
show-geerMod-methodPrint information for geerMod-class
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