Man pages for gemma2
GEMMA Multivariate Linear Mixed Model

calc_omegaCalculate Omega matrices
calc_qiCalculate Qi (inverse of Q) and log determinant of Q
calc_sigmaCalculate Sigma_ee and Sigma_uu matrices
calc_XHiYCalculate XHiY
center_kinshipCenter a relatedness matrix, after Zhou's GEMMA function...
eigen2Calculate eigendecomposition and return ordered eigenvalues...
eigen_procEigendecomposition procedure for Vg and Ve
MphCalcLogLCalculate log likelihood
MphEMPerform expectation-maximization algorithm to infer Vg and Ve...
stagger_matsStagger matrices within a larger, block-diagonal matrix
update_eUpdate E
UpdateRL_BUpdate B for restricted log likelihood
update_uUpdate U matrix
update_vUpdate V_e and V_g
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