Man pages for generics
Common S3 Generics not Provided by Base R Methods Related to Model Fitting

accuracyAccuracy measures for a model
augmentAugment data with information from an object
calculateCalculate statistics.
coercion-factorFactor coercion
coercion-time-differenceTime difference coercion
compileConfigure an object
componentsExtract components
equationModel equations
estfunExtracting the estimating functions of a fitted model.
evaluateEvaluate an object.
explainExplain details of an object
exploreCreate an interactive visualization appropriate to a...
fitEstimate model parameters.
fit_xyEstimate model parameters.
forecastForecasting from an object
generateGenerate values based on inputs
generics-packagegenerics: common S3 generics
glanceGlance at an object
hypothesizeConstruct hypotheses.
interpolateInterpolate missing values
learnEstimate model parameters.
min_gridDetermine the minimum set of model fits
prunePrune or reduce an object
rank_resultsCompute relative rankings of a collection of objects
refitRefitting models
required_pkgsDetermine packages required by objects
setopsSet operations
specifySpecify variables or other quantities.
tidyTurn an object into a tidy tibble
trainEstimate model parameters.
tunableDeclare tunable parameters
tune_argsDetermine arguments tagged for tuning
var_impCalculation of variable importance
varying_argsFind any arguments that are not fully specified.
visualizeVisualize a data set or object.
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