Man pages for genio
Genetics Input/Output Functions

count_linesCount the number of lines of a file
delete_files_grmDelete all GCTA binary GRM files
delete_files_phenDelete PHEN files
delete_files_plinkDelete all Plink binary files
geniogenio (GENetics I/O): A package for reading and writing...
geno_to_charConvert a genotype matrix from numeric to character codes
ind_to_famConvert an Eigenstrat IND tibble into a Plink FAM tibble
make_bimCreate a Plink BIM tibble
make_famCreate a Plink FAM tibble
read_bedRead a genotype matrix in Plink BED format
read_bimRead Plink *.bim files
read_eigenvecRead Plink eigenvec file
read_famRead Plink *.fam files
read_grmRead GCTA GRM and related plink2 binary files
read_indRead Eigenstrat *.ind files
read_matrixRead a numerical matrix file into an R matrix
read_phenRead *.phen files
read_plinkRead genotype and sample data in a Plink BED/BIM/FAM file...
read_snpRead Eigenstrat *.snp files
require_files_grmRequire that GCTA binary GRM files are present
require_files_phenRequire that PHEN file is present
require_files_plinkRequire that Plink binary files are present
sex_to_charConvert integer sex codes to character codes
sex_to_intConvert character sex codes to integer codes
tidy_kinshipCreate a tidy version of a kinship matrix
write_bedWrite a genotype matrix into Plink BED format
write_bimWrite Plink *.bim files
write_eigenvecWrite eigenvectors table into a Plink-format file
write_famWrite Plink *.fam files
write_grmWrite GCTA GRM and related plink2 binary files
write_indWrite Eigenstrat *.ind files
write_matrixWrite a matrix to a file without row or column names
write_phenWrite *.phen files
write_plinkWrite genotype and sample data into a Plink BED/BIM/FAM file...
write_snpWrite Eigenstrat *.snp files
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