Man pages for genogeographer
Methods for Analysing Forensic Ancestry Informative Markers

app_genogeoShiny application for GenoGeoGrapher
error_bar_plotPlot log likelihoods of profiles with approximate confidence...
exponent_tiltP-values from Importing Sampling using Exponential tilting
genogeoLikelihood ratio tests for AIMs
genogeographergenogeographer: Methods for analysing forensic Ancestry...
kidd_lociKenn Kidd Lab markers
LR_tableCompute pairwise likelihood ratios
main_allelesAIMs markers in Precision ID Ancestry Panel (Thermo Fisher...
map_plotPlot LTR z-scores on map
pops_to_DBPre-compute the scores for a given reference database
profile_AA_x0Function that compute the genotype probability for each...
profile_admixtureCompute the z-score (and more) for admixed hypotheses
random_AIMs_profileSimulate a random AIMs profile
seldin_lociSeldin Lab markers
simulate_popsSimulate random populations
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