Man pages for geojson
Classes for 'GeoJSON'

as.geojsonGeojson class
bboxAdd or get bounding box
crsAdd or get CRS
featurefeature class
featurecollectionfeaturecollection class
geo_bboxCalculate a bounding box
geobufGeobuf serialization
geojson_dataData for use in examples
geometrycollectiongeometrycollection class
geo_prettyPretty print geojson
geo_typeGet geometry type
geo_writeWrite geojson to disk
linestringlinestring class
linting_optsGeoJSON Linting
multilinestringmultilinestring class
multipointmultipoint class
multipolygonmultipolygon class
ndgeoRead and write newline-delimited GeoJSON (GeoJSON text...
pipePipe operator
pointpoint class
polygonpolygon class
propertiesAdd or get properties
to_geojsonConvert GeoJSON character string to approriate GeoJSON class
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