Man pages for geometry
Mesh Generation and Surface Tesselation

bary2cartConversion of Barycentric to Cartesian coordinates
cart2baryConversion of Cartesian to Barycentric coordinates.
convhullnCompute smallest convex hull that encloses a set of points
delaunaynDelaunay triangulation in N-dimensions
distmesh2dA simple mesh generator for non-convex regions
distmeshndA simple mesh generator for non-convex regions in n-D space
dotCompute the dot product of two vectors
entry.valueRetrieve or set a list of array element values
extprod3dCompute external- or 'cross'- product of 3D vectors.
matmaxRow-wise matrix functions
mesh.dcircleCircle distance function
mesh.diffDifference, union and intesection operation on two regions
mesh.drectangleRectangle distance function
mesh.dsphereSphere distance function
mesh.hunifUniform desired edge length
polyareaDetermines area of a polygon by triangle method.
surf.triFind surface triangles from tetrahedra mesh
tetrameshRender tetrahedron mesh (3D)
trimeshDisplay triangles mesh (2D)
tsearchSearch for the enclosing Delaunay convex hull
tsearchnSearch for the enclosing Delaunay convex hull
UniqueExtract Unique Rows
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