biozones: Ammonite biozone ages for the Upper Cretaceous

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This dataset provides the lower and upper ages of ammonite biozones between the Turonian and the Maastrichtian.




A matrix of 50 biozonal ages.


Hardenbol, J., Thierry, J., Farley, M. B., Jacquin, T., Graciansky, P.-C., and Vail, P. R., 1998, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sequence chronostratigraphic framework of European basins, in Graciansky, P.-C., Hardenbol, J., Jacquin, T., and Vail, P. R., eds., Mesozoic and Cenozoic sequence stratigraphy of European basins, Volume 60: Tulisa, OK, Society of Economic Palaeontologists and Mineralogists (SEPM) Special Publications, p. 3-14.

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