geozoo: Zoo of Geometric Objects

Geometric objects defined in 'geozoo' can be simulated or displayed in the R package 'tourr'.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorBarret Schloerke [aut, cre], Di Cook [ths], Hadley Wickham [ths]
Date of publication2016-05-07 00:36:41
MaintainerBarret Schloerke <>

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boy.surface Man page
conic.spiral Man page
conic.spiral.nautilus Man page
cross.cap Man page
cross.polytope Man page
cube.dotline Man page
cube.face Man page
cube.iterate Man page
cube.solid.grid Man page
cube.solid.random Man page
dini.surface Man page
ellipsoid Man page
enneper.surface Man page
f_composition Man page
f_helmert Man page
klein.fig.eight Man page
mobius Man page
mobius.experiment Man page
print.geozoo Man page
print.geozooNoScale Man page
roman.surface Man page
simplex Man page
sphere.hollow Man page
sphere.solid.grid Man page
sphere.solid.random Man page
torus Man page
torus.flat Man page
write.xml Man page

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