SWATsubGage: Formats SWAT subbasin files to user specifications. Defaults...

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Formats SWAT subbasin files to user specifications. Defaults support use of getSWATcfsr.


SWATsubGage(wd, outDir = "", numPars = 5, basinCentroid = FALSE)



- String. location of the subbasin files to be formatted. Generally this is the TxtInOut folder generated when building a SWAT project.


- String. The location to write the formatted subbasin files. By default, this is the same as the wd, and will overwrite exising subbasin files.


- Integer. Number of measured weather parameters used in the model. Ranges from 1 to 5 with 1 as precipitation only, 2 as precipitation and temperature, 3 as precipitation, temperature, and solar radiation, 4 as precipitation, temperature, solar radiation, and relative humidity, and 5 as precipitaion, temperature, solar radiation, relative humididty, and wind speed. Default is 5, or all parameters are formatted as measured inputs.


- Logical. If TRUE, then all gage location flags are set to "1", meaning there is a single time series for each of the specified measured meterological inputs. Only use if a subbain center approximation of meteorological data is being used. Defaults to FALSE, or each subbasin has a corresponding time series in each measured meteorological input file.


returns formatted subbasin files in the outDir location. If outDir is not specified files are saved to the wd location and any exising files are overwritten.


## Not run: 
SWATsubGaged(wd = '~/SWAT_PROJECT_FOLDER/TxtInOut')

## End(Not run)

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