Man pages for getTBinR
Access and Summarise World Health Organization Tuberculosis Data

available_datasetsAvailable Datasets
for_presentationPresentation style plots
get_dataGeneric Get Data Function
get_data_dictGet the WHO Data Dictionary for TB Data
get_tb_burdenGet the WHO TB Burden Data
getTBinR-packagegetTBinR: Access and Summarise World Health Organization...
map_tb_burdenMap TB Burden
plot_tb_burdenPlot TB Burden by Country
plot_tb_burden_overviewPlot an overview of TB Burden for Multiple Countries
plot_tb_burden_summaryPlot Summaries of TB Burden - By Region, Globally and for...
prepare_df_plotGeneric Function to Prepare TB Burden Data for Plotting
render_country_reportRender a Country Level TB Report
run_tb_dashboardRun a TB Shiny Dashboard
scale_colour_whoAdds World Health Organization-inspired colours to plots
scale_fill_whoAdds World Health Organization-inspired colours as fills to...
search_data_dictSearch the WHO TB Data Dictionary by Variable Name.
summarise_metricSummarise a TB Metric - A Quick Look Summary
summarise_tb_burdenSummarise TB Burden - By Region, Globally and for Custom...
theme_whoWorld Health Organization-inspired ggplot2 theme
who_palettesWorld Health Organization-inspired palettes
who_shapefileWHO shapefile
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