Man pages for gethr
Access to Ethereum-Based Blockchains Through Geth Nodes

admin_addPeerNew node based on the enode
admin_datadirPath being used by the node.
admin_nodeInfoNode basic information
admin_peersPeers basic information
admin_setSolcSolidity compiler path
admin_startRPCHTTP based JSON RPC API initialization.
admin_startWSWebSocket based JSON RPC API initialization.
admin_stopRPCHTTP based JSON RPC API stop.
admin_stopWSWebSocket based JSON RPC API stop.
debug_backtraceAtLogging backtrace location.
debug_blockProfileBlock profiling activation.
debug_cpuProfileCPU profiling activation.
debug_dumpBlockState of the block.
debug_gcStatsGarbage collector statistics.
debug_getBlockRlpRecursive Length Prefix of the block.
debug_goTraceGo runtime tracing activation.
debug_memStatsRuntime memory statistics
debug_seedHashSeed hash of the block
debug_setBlockProfileRateBlock profile data collection rate.
debug_setHeadCurrent head of the chain configuration.
debug_stacksPrinter representation of the stacks.
debug_startCPUProfileCPU profiling permanent activation.
debug_startGoTraceGo runtime trace permanent activation.
debug_stopCPUProfileCPU profiling stop.
debug_stopGoTraceGo trace stop.
debug_traceBlockFull trace of a block.
debug_traceBlockByHashFull trace of a block by hash.
debug_traceBlockByNumberFull trace of a block by number.
debug_traceBlockFromFileFull trace of a block using a file as input.
debug_traceTransactionTransaction tracing.
debug_verbosityLogging verbosity.
debug_vmoduleLogging verbosity by pattern.
debug_writeBlockProfileGoroutine blocking profile to file.
debug_writeMemProfileAllocation profile to file.
dec_to_hexDecimal to hexadecimal conversion.
eth_accountsAddresses owned by client.
eth_blockNumberCurrent block number.
eth_callNew message call.
eth_coinbaseCoinbase address.
ether.toEtherConversion to Ether.
ether.toFinneyConversion to Finney.
ether.toGetherConversion to Gether.
ether.toGweiConversion to Gwei.
ether.toKetherConversion to Kether.
ether.toKweiConversion to Kwei.
ether.toMetherConversion to Mether.
ether.toMweiConversion to Mwei.
ether.toSzaboConversion to Szabo.
ether.toTetherConversion to Tether.
ether.toWeiConversion to Wei.
eth_estimateGasEstimation of the gas.
eth_gasPriceGas price.
eth_getBalanceBalance of an account.
eth_getBlockByHashBlock information based on its hash.
eth_getBlockByNumberBlock information based on its number.
eth_getBlockTransactionCountByHashTransactions in a block given a hash.
eth_getBlockTransactionCountByNumberTransactions in a block given a number.
eth_getCodeCode at an address.
eth_getFilterChangesFilter information since last poll.
eth_getFilterLogsFilter information.
eth_getLogsNew filter and its logs.
eth_getProofValue from storage position.
eth_getStorageAtValue from storage position.
eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndexTransaction information given a block hash and an index...
eth_getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndexTransaction information given a block number and an index...
eth_getTransactionByHashTransaction information given a transaction hash.
eth_getTransactionCountTransactions an address has sent.
eth_getTransactionReceiptTransaction receipt.
eth_getUncleByBlockHashAndIndexUncle information given a block hash and an index position.
eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndexUncle information given a block number and an index position.
eth_getUncleCountByBlockHashUncles in a block given a hash.
eth_getUncleCountByBlockNumberUncles in a block given a number.
eth_getWorkWork performed by the current block
eth_hashrateHashes per second that are mined.
eth_miningWhether client is mining or not.
eth_newBlockFilterNew block filter.
eth_newFilterNew filter.
eth_newPendingTransactionFilterNew pending transaction filter.
eth_protocolVersionEthereum protocol version.
eth_sendRawTransactionNew raw transaction
eth_sendTransactionNew transaction
eth_signEthereum specific signature
eth_submitHashrateMining hashrate submission.
eth_submitWorkProof-of-work submission
eth_syncingSync status.
eth_uninstallFilterFilter removal.
gethrgethr: Access to Ethereum-based Blockchains through Geth...
get_network_idID of the network.
get_postRPC call helper method.
get_rpc_addressRPC address of the node.
hex_to_decHexadecimal to decimal conversion.
hex_to_textHexadecimal to string conversion.
is.wholenumberWhole numbers identification.
miner_setEtherBaseEtherbase for mining.
miner_setExtraExtra data for mined blocks.
miner_setGasPriceMinimal gas price for mining.
miner_startMining process to be started.
miner_stopMining process to be stopped.
net_listeningWhether client is listening or not.
net_peerCountNumber of peers connected.
net_versionCurrent network id.
personal_ecRecoverSignatory address.
personal_importRawKeyNew account creation giving the private key.
personal_listAccountsAddresses owned by client.
personal_lockAccountAccount deletion.
personal_newAccountNew account creation.
personal_sendTransactionNew transaction
personal_signEthereum specific signature
personal_unlockAccountUnlocking the key.
process_blockValues of the blocks in plain text or decimal instead of...
process_logValues of the logs in decimal instead of hexadecimal.
process_receiptValues of the receipts in plain text or decimal instead of...
process_transactionValues of the transactions in plain text or decimal instead...
set_network_idID of the network update.
set_rpc_addressQuery of the RPC address of the node.
shh_addPrivatekeyKey pair storage.
shh_addSymKeySymmetric key storage.
shh_deleteKeyPairKey pair deletion.
shh_deleteSymKeySymmetric key deletion.
shh_generateSymKeyFromPasswordSymmetric key generation and storage.
shh_getPrivateKeyPrivate key given a key pair ID.
shh_getPublicKeyPublic key given a key pair ID.
shh_getSymKeySymmetric key given a symmetric key ID.
shh_hasKeyPairKey pair existence confirmation.
shh_hasSymKeySymmetric key existence confirmation.
shh_infoInformation about the whisper.
shh_markTrustedPeerIndication of trusted peers.
shh_newKeyPairKey pair creation and storage.
shh_newMessageFilterNew filter in the node.
shh_newSymKeySymmetric key creation and storage.
shh_postNew whisper message.
shh_setMaxMessageSizeMaximal message size allowed by this node.
shh_setMinPoWMinimal Pow.
shh_versionCurrent whisper protocol.
text_to_hexString to hexadecimal conversion.
txpool_contentInformation about pending and queued transactions.
txpool_inspectSummary of the information about pending and queued...
txpool_statusNumber of pending and queued transactions.
web3_clientVersionCurrent client version.
web3_sha3Keccak-256 value of the data.
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