annual_stack: Generate an annual stack of forest change from GFC product

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Uses thresholded GFC data as output by threshold_gfc to make an annualized layer stack of forest change. See Details for the class codes used in the annual raster stack. The animate_annual function can be used to produce an animation of forest change from the generated layer stack.


annual_stack(gfc, dataset = "GFC-2019-v1.7")



thresholded extract of GFC product for a given AOI (see threshold_gfc)


which version of the Hansen data to use


The output raster stack uses the following codes to describe forest change at each pixel:

Nodata 0
Forest 1
Non-forest 2
Forest loss 3
Forest gain 4
Forest loss and gain 5
Water 6

See Also

threshold_gfc, animate_annual

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