Man pages for ggTimeSeries
Time Series Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics

dtClimateClimate data.
ggplot_calendar_heatmapPlots a calendar heatmap
ggplot_horizonPlot a time series as a horizon plot
ggplot_waterfallPlots a water fall plot
stat_calendar_heatmapPlots a calendar heatmap
StatCalendarMonthBreaksTransforms data for the month breaks of the calendar heatmap
stat_horizonPlot a time series as a horizon plot
StatHorizonTransforms data for a horizon plot
stat_marimekkoPlot two categorical variables as marimekko
StatMarimekkoTransforms data for the tiles of the heatmap
stat_occurrencePlots a time series as a dot plot
StatOccurrenceTransforms data for an occurrence plot
stat_steamgraphPlot multiple time series as a steamgraph
StatSteamgraphTransforms data for a steam graph
stat_waterfallPlot a time series as a waterfall plot
StatWaterfallTransforms data for a horizon plot
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