ggalt: Extra Coordinate Systems, 'Geoms', Statistical Transformations, Scales and Fonts for 'ggplot2'

A compendium of new geometries, coordinate systems, statistical transformations, scales and fonts for 'ggplot2', including splines, 1d and 2d densities, univariate average shifted histograms, a new map coordinate system based on the 'PROJ.4'-library along with geom_cartogram() that mimics the original functionality of geom_map(), formatters for "bytes", a stat_stepribbon() function, increased 'plotly' compatibility and the 'StateFace' open source font 'ProPublica'. Further new functionality includes lollipop charts, dumbbell charts, the ability to encircle points and coordinate-system-based text annotations.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorBob Rudis [aut, cre], Ben Bolker [aut, ctb] (Encircling & additional splines), Ben Marwick [ctb] (General codebase cleanup), Jan Schulz [aut, ctb] (Annotations), Rosen Matev [ctb] (Original annotate_textp implementation on stackoverflow), ProPublica [dtc] (StateFace font)
Date of publication2017-02-15 18:16:00
MaintainerBob Rudis <>
LicenseAGPL + file LICENSE

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absoluteGrob Man page
annotate_textp Man page
byte_format Man page
bytes Man page
coord_proj Man page
CoordProj Man page
fortify.table Man page
Gb Man page
geom_bkde Man page
GeomBkde Man page
geom_bkde2d Man page
GeomBkde2d Man page
geom_cartogram Man page
GeomCartogram Man page
GeomDumbbell Man page
geom_encircle Man page
GeomEncircle Man page
GeomLollipop Man page
geom_stateface Man page
GeomStateface Man page
geom_xspline Man page
GeomXspline Man page
geom_xspline2 Man page
GeomXSpline2 Man page
ggalt Man page
ggalt-package Man page
Kb Man page
load_stateface Man page
Mb Man page
plotly_helpers Man page
show_stateface Man page
stat_ash Man page
StatAsh Man page
stat_bkde Man page
StatBkde Man page
stat_bkde2d Man page
StatBkde2d Man page
stat_stepribbon Man page
StatStepribbon Man page
stat_xspline Man page
StatXspline Man page
to_basic.GeomBkde2d Man page
to_basic.GeomStateface Man page
to_basic.GeomXspline Man page

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