Man pages for gganimate
A Grammar of Animated Graphics

animateRender a gganim object
anim_saveSave an animation to a file
ease_aesControl easing of aesthetics
enter_exitDefine how entering and exiting data behaves
frame_varsAccess metadata about the frames in an animation
gganimateCatch attempt to use the old API
gganimate-ggprotoBase ggproto classes for gganimate
gganimate-packagegganimate: A Grammar of Animated Graphics
gif_fileWrap a gif file for easy handling
last_animationRetrieve the last rendered animation
layer_typeDefine what graphical type a layer is
renderersRenderers provided by gganimate
save_animationInfrastructure for animation saving
shadow_markShow original data as background marks
shadow_nullA non-existent shadow
shadow_trailA trail of evenly spaced old frames
shadow_wakeShow preceding frames with gradual falloff
split_animationSplit an animation into chunks
sprite_fileWrap an image sprite for easy handling
transition_componentsTransition individual components through their own lifecycle
transition_eventsTransition individual events in and out
transition_filterTransition between different filters
transition_layersBuild up a plot, layer by layer
transition_manualCreate an animation by specifying the frame membership...
transition_nullKeep all data constant across the animation
transition_revealReveal data along a given dimension
transition_statesTransition between several distinct stages of the data
transition_timeTransition through distinct states in time
tween_before_statDefine if layers should be tweened before stats are...
video_fileWrap a video file for easy handling
view_followLet the view follow the data in each frame
view_staticKeep a fixed view that include all of the data
view_stepFollow the data in steps
view_zoomPan and zoom smoothly between different states
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