Man pages for ggasym
Asymmetric Matrix Plotting in 'ggplot2'

add_missing_combinationsAdd missing combinations of x and y to a data frame
asymmetriseAdd all missing comparisons between two columns
asymmetrise_statsPrepare an asymmetric data table from a statistical test
bind_missing_combsAdd the missing combinations of x and y
continuous_scale_asymContinuous scale constructor for 'ggasym'
factor_is_greaterDetermines if the level of a is greater than that of b
geom_asymmatAsymmetrically filled symmetric matrix (using 'ggplot2')
get_other_combsGet all combinations of values between two vectors
ggasymggasym: Asymmetric Matrix Plotting in ggplot
is_groupedIs a data table grouped?
make_fill_dfMake a data frame of all a single value
organize_levelsDecides on the levels of factors x and y
prepare_dataPrepares the input data into asymmetrise_stats
scale_gradientGradient colour scales geom_asymmat
swap_colsSwap columns in a data frame
which_levelDetermine the level of a value in a vector of type 'factor'
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