Man pages for ggconf
Simpler Appearance Modification of 'ggplot2'

compile_ggconfthe core function of ggconf
define_ggconf_constantsdefine constant values used in ggconf
exec_ggconfexecute raw ggconf commands
find_first_indexdefine constant values used in ggconf
get_all_theme_aesget all theme element names
get_analoguereturn resulted strings of approximate string match
get_element_tree_cloneget element tree clone
get_theme_elem_name_confget all theme element configurations
ggconf_dbgmsgdisplay ggconf debug message
remove_element_whateverremove element_* function calls
replace_marksreplace some marks for later ggconf parsing
show_fixit_diagnosticsDisplay useful debugging info for users
theme2an enhanced version of ggplot2::theme()
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