Man pages for ggdistribute
A 'ggplot2' Extension for Plotting Unimodal Distributions

annotate_cornerWrite text to one of four corners of a plot
cmodeMode from counting frequency
data_normal_sampleTesting dataset of grouped Normal distributions
dmodeMode from density estimation
example_plotPrint an example of the package functions
GeomPosteriorGeom for plotting posterior distributions
ggdistribute-packageA 'ggplot2' Extension for Plotting Unimodal Distributions
hdiHighest density interval
label_plotAdd labels to existing plot
mejr_geom_defaultsSetup defaults for specific geoms
mejr_palettetheme_mejr color mejr_palette
position_spreadSpread Overlapping Grobs Spread overlapping groups by...
posterior_plotPrint a small example plot with geom_posterior
post_intPosterior intervals
scale_addscale and add
show_colorsplot and show hex values of colors
sreRaw SRE dataset
test_mejr_themeTest theme by printing plots to pdf and viewport
theme_mejrCustom ggplot2 theme
trim_endsTrim extreme values at each end of a vector.
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