ggenealogy: Visualization Tools for Genealogical Data

Methods for searching through genealogical data and displaying the results. Plotting algorithms assist with data exploration and publication-quality image generation. Includes interactive genealogy visualization tools. Provides parsing and calculation methods for variables in descendant branches of interest. Uses the Grammar of Graphics.

AuthorLindsay Rutter, Susan Vanderplas, Di Cook
Date of publication2016-12-12 18:34:18
MaintainerLindsay Rutter <>

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Man pages

buildAncDesCoordDF: Returns the coordinate positions of all ancestors and...

buildAncDesTotalDF: Returns data frame with plot coordinates of all ancestors and...

buildAncList: Returns the ancestors of a particular variety (if they...

buildDesList: Returns the descendants of a particular variety (if they...

buildEdgeTotalDF: Build the edges in the genealogy graph.

buildMinusPathDF: Process the genealogy graph

buildPathDF: Build data frame for path representation

buildPlotTotalDF: Build all labels in the graph

buildSpreadTotalDF: Build a data frame where the varieties are spread so they do...

dfToIG: Process the genealogy graph

getAncestors: Returns a list of the ancestors of a particular variety (if...

getBasicStatistics: Determine basic statistics of the graph object

getBranchQual: Descendant branch calculations for quantitative variable

getBranchQuant: Descendant branch calculations for quantitative variable

getChild: Returns the children of a particular variety (if they exist)

getDegree: Determine the degree between two varieties

getDescendants: Returns a list of the descendants of a particular variety (if...

getEdges: Returns edges (vertex names and edge weights) for the full...

getNodes: Returns the nodes for a full genealogy

getParent: Returns the parents of a particular variety (if they exist)

getPath: Determine the path between two varieties

getPathOnly: Determine the path between two varieties

getVariable: Determine the date of a variety

isChild: Determine if a variety is a child of another

isParent: Determine if a variety is a parent of another

nodeToDF: Returns the data frame representation of all ancestors and...

plotAncDes: Returns the image object to show the ancestors and...

plotDegMatrix: Returns the image object to show the heat map of degrees...

plotPath: Construct the graphic object of the path

plotPathOnAll: Plot a path between two vertices over the full genealogy

plotVariableMatrix: Returns the image object to show the heat map of dates...

sbGeneal: Soybean data

statGeneal: Academic statistics data


buildAncDesCoordDF Man page
buildAncDesTotalDF Man page
buildAncList Man page
buildDesList Man page
buildEdgeTotalDF Man page
buildMinusPathDF Man page
buildPathDF Man page
buildPlotTotalDF Man page
buildSpreadTotalDF Man page
dfToIG Man page
getAncestors Man page
getBasicStatistics Man page
getBranchQual Man page
getBranchQuant Man page
getChild Man page
getDegree Man page
getDescendants Man page
getEdges Man page
getNodes Man page
getParent Man page
getPath Man page
getPathOnly Man page
getVariable Man page
isChild Man page
isParent Man page
nodeToDF Man page
plotAncDes Man page
plotDegMatrix Man page
plotPath Man page
plotPathOnAll Man page
plotVariableMatrix Man page
sbGeneal Man page
statGeneal Man page


ggenealogy/R/data-statGeneal.R ggenealogy/R/allFunctions.R ggenealogy/R/data-sbGeneal.R
ggenealogy/man/getNodes.Rd ggenealogy/man/buildPlotTotalDF.Rd ggenealogy/man/buildDesList.Rd ggenealogy/man/getDegree.Rd ggenealogy/man/buildAncDesTotalDF.Rd ggenealogy/man/plotAncDes.Rd ggenealogy/man/isParent.Rd ggenealogy/man/getAncestors.Rd ggenealogy/man/sbGeneal.Rd ggenealogy/man/buildAncDesCoordDF.Rd ggenealogy/man/statGeneal.Rd ggenealogy/man/getBasicStatistics.Rd ggenealogy/man/plotPath.Rd ggenealogy/man/getChild.Rd ggenealogy/man/nodeToDF.Rd ggenealogy/man/getEdges.Rd ggenealogy/man/buildEdgeTotalDF.Rd ggenealogy/man/plotPathOnAll.Rd ggenealogy/man/buildSpreadTotalDF.Rd ggenealogy/man/getBranchQual.Rd ggenealogy/man/getPath.Rd ggenealogy/man/getPathOnly.Rd ggenealogy/man/buildPathDF.Rd ggenealogy/man/dfToIG.Rd ggenealogy/man/buildAncList.Rd ggenealogy/man/buildMinusPathDF.Rd ggenealogy/man/plotDegMatrix.Rd ggenealogy/man/getVariable.Rd ggenealogy/man/plotVariableMatrix.Rd ggenealogy/man/getBranchQuant.Rd ggenealogy/man/getDescendants.Rd ggenealogy/man/isChild.Rd ggenealogy/man/getParent.Rd

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